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The Butchers Pride™ range is simply the best range of seasonings, carefully selected with butchers in mind. The flavours are definite, award winning and include the years of experience and tinkering to obtain this refined end product.

The range includes sausage seasonings and sausage mixes designed for pork sausages, a beef burger seasoning and mix as well as a number of popular marinade flavours.

For your convenience the sausage ‘mixes’ include the seasoning and rusk a in a choice of pre-weighed batch packs, that suit 10lb or 10kg choppings. Also need to add is the water and meat (and perhaps some arm ache from all that mixing).

The Butchers Pride™ sausage and burger seasonings allow you take more control over your meat and rusk contents. An appropriate amount of preservative is included to help keep your products safe.

Our marinades are quick to prepare (just add water and a dash of oil) and beautiful to display. More importantly they taste great and instantly add value to your products.

Please note that the specification of each product should be checked before use where full details of each product are explained. These are available on the website or via your distributor. Find your nearest distributor for further details.

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