Piri Piri Style Marinade

Spicy Heat
Fresh Spicy Notes
Flavour Appeal


Our Piri Piri Marinade is a hot and fresh classic made to the in the Portuguese Piri Piri Style. Some Piri Piri seasonings are better than others though, so be prepared for the customer frenzy! The heat is at a level that gives moreish appeal for lovers of hot’n'spicy flavours, without being too strong. For a challenging sting of chilli heat, an extra dose of red hot chilli pepper sauce can be added on top to your own desired level.

You can use it as a rub, but a few simple steps are recommended to make a rich dark red sauce with bright red chilli flakes for a striking appearance.

As you would expect, the seasoning is made without flavour enhancers, using only natural colours & flavours. For meat cuts that are full of flavour, full of pride!

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