Cumberland Sausage Seasoning

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This take on the classic Cumberland Sausage gives the authentic Cumberland style pork sausage flavour, the defining blend of peppery notes of piperum spices on a warm background of nutmeg.  As you would expect, the seasoning is made without flavour enhancers, using only natural colours & flavours. For pork sausages that taste like they used to, full of flavour, full of pride!

All the Butchers Pride™ sausage seasonings and sausage mixes are available in variants to suit your customers.

Gluten Free – No problem! a no added wheat variant is available!

Low Fat – Yes we can! A super lean sausage needs a super seasoning, because low fat shouldn’t means low flavour.

Ultra high protein – Easy peasy! Muscle building sausages from a seasoning that will satisfy.

Ultimate clean label – Ask us for a version with just the essentials.

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